We are a Christian Counselling Service, with all Counsellors being committed Christians as well as highly qualified and experienced counsellors, with therapeutic expertise.
The gospel message is central to our personal and professional lives. You are welcome to bring spiritual issues into counselling.

As professional counsellors we are guided by you and your goals. We are open and respectful towards all people regardless of background or world view.
Our website aims to provide you with the information you will need to explore whether Gilead Counselling is right for you.

All Gilead counsellors are double vaccinated against COVID-19 and continue to offer face to face counselling.


We’d like to start by introducing you to our Counsellors:-

We like this quotation from Dan B. Allender*
As complex as all our lives seem to be, God’s plan is quite simple. He calls us to
        • Begin anywhere, and he will take us where he wants us to go;
        • Start with our strengths, and he will reveal and use our weaknesses;
        • Follow our desires, and he will grow his passion in us.
*Allender, Dan B., 2005, "To Be Told" pg 125, WaterBrook Press, USA, 1st Edition.