The Gilead Counselling Centre, for the first 8 years of its operation, was a separately incorporated association that reported annually to its members, who were largely the members of the Bendigo Baptist Church.

These members of that initial incorporation voted on October 24 2013 to dissolve the Gilead incorporation, effective on November 30 2013.

Gilead Counselling Centre continues today as a registered business under the incorporation named “Bendigo Baptist Community Care Inc.(BBCCI)”.

BBCCI is an incorporation whereby the members of the Bendigo Baptist Church are the members of the incorporation, and the Church Council of Bendigo Baptist Church is also the Committee of Management of the incorporation.

The members of BBCCI have appointed a Director of Community Care to oversee the various entities that operate under that banner, and this includes Gilead Counselling Centre.

The “day to day” operations of Gilead are managed by the “Senior Counsellor”with the support of a group of people who have a strong belief and passion in the value of Christian Counselling. This “Support Group” does not have access to any client information, which is obviously protected by privacy and confidentiality agreements. However they do support the ministry of Gilead through: managing the budget expenditure & income; reviewing volunteers; fundraising; promotions and other activities as mutually decided by them in consultation with the Senior Counsellor and/or the Director of Community Care.

Gilead Counselling Centre reports to the members of BBCCI through the regular meetings of those members and via written reports where directed.

All staff appointments to Gilead are ratified by the Director of Community Care, who reports to the Committee of Management of BBCCI. These staff need to sign a confidentiality/privacy agreement with Gilead and/or BBCCI so that the privacy of all Gilead clients is protected and respected.