At Gilead we believe that God uses our counselling ministry as His instrument to assist our clients along a pathway that leads to healing and a more fulfilled life.

Our logo depicts a cobbled pathway, with the Cross at the centre. The cross points to the centrality of Jesus in our lives and our “Pathway to Healing” statement incorporates a journey across the cobles and through Jesus Christ to our ultimate healing experience.

The “Pathway to Healing” indicates that our lives are a journey. In our lives we have choices and directions to take; some paths lead to unhelpful outcomes, while others lead to lives that are healthy and fulfilled. When we select the path that leads to an abundant happy life, we experience healing from the many issues, events and impactions, that have previously affected and hindered us.


What does Gilead mean?

Gilead is a mountainous region east of the Jordan River in Israel. From the river waters and other fauna and flora in the area a rare perfume was made and used for medicinal purposes. The perfume was universally acknowledged as a healing balm.

Some modern-day writers refer to Jesus as the ultimate “Balm of Gilead’ as He was known for his ability to heal those he came in touch with.

Biblical references to Gilead:-

Genesis 31:21, Deuteronomy 3:12-17, Hosea 6:8