What is different with Christian counselling compared with counselling offered in other, secular, centres?

As Christians we believe that we all have a dimension of our lives that greatly benefits from the impact of God’s Holy Spirit. In fact our overall health could be achieved if we addressed the following areas of our lives:
- Physical; Emotional; Mental; and Spiritual.

Christian counsellors have a dual lense focus. We incorporate both the latest and most evidence based psychotherapies with the teachings of Scripture; offering a wholistic Christian Counselling experience.

As Christian counsellors, we feel confident in discussing with clients topics in the Bible and what the Bible, through God’s Holy Spirit, may teach us in the issue that has been brought by the client.

We also embrace the most up to date therapies in relation to Counselling and Psychotherapy. We align these therapies with our Christian worldview to complete the counselling experience for our client in a manner whereby both a professional and faith based therapy is achieved, without compromising either.

So, if you desire a balanced counselling experience, then perhaps Christian counselling is for you.